A Cloud Based, Mobile Field Journal and Geopublishing Toolset for Scientists, Researchers & Naturalists


Built For Scientists, Researchers, Naturalists, Outdoor Enthusiasts, and Travelers.

Fieldblogger Pro is a mobile field journal and web publishing tool. What we call a "geoblog" - built specifically with scientists, researchers, and non-profit organizations in mind.
  • Using a simple app on a GPS enabled mobile device, Fieldblogger Pro users can document their movements and observations, adding text, photos, videos, audio and customizable data to geographic waypoints as they work or travel.
  • Collected observations are consolidated into geo-referenced journal entries and published to your website in a web journal format, fully integrated with Google Maps. Data collected by your team is consolidated and downloadable, and image, video and audio media are displayed in galleries.
  • Each Fieldblogger Pro installation is designed to support multiple users. Allowing teams, families or travelling groups to use the tool together to create rich interactive web journals documenting field work, non-profit work, or group travel experiences, complete with interactive maps, downloadable Excel formatted datasets, videos, photos and audio media..
  • Keep your journals private, or edit them with Fieldblogger's rich map and story editing tools, and make your story public, or share entries with friends, classrooms, or specific clients, Everything is customizable, straightforward to use, and available on your personal website.

Track Your Movement

Fieldblogger Pro has been designed to be simple to use, using the Fieldblogger mobile app start tracking your movement with the click on a button. You set the app in motion and go. Fieldblogger Pro does all the rest.

Document Your Work

Create observation waypoints with the push of a button. Take photos and videos, record audio files, take notes, and enter data, all your observations are geo-referenced, and will be published to a blog style journal when your entry is published to the web.

Publish to the Web!

Your movements and collected data and observations are automatically synced to the web as soon as you have internet access to be edited online later, or can be posted live directly as you work or travel..

How it Works!

Step 1: Your Team is in the Field: Track, Observe, Collect

Fieldblogger tracks your positions, your team makes observations via photo, video, audio, or text, and collects customized data - all on their mobile devices. All this information is automatically synced to the web as soon as you have internet access.

Step 2: Your Journals & Data Synced & Consolidated,
You're Ready to Work. Right Now.

You're not even back in the lab, but your team's observations and data are already synched, consolidated and waiting for you on your website, with GIS data and links to related observation material included in every entry.

You're ready to go
ready to connect,
ready to work.

Right now.

Step 3: Tell Your Story and Communicate Your Science: Your Field Work is Ready to Publish on your Website in a Blog Formated Journal Entry; Perfect for Broader Impacts Activities, Working with Remote Students, or Collaborating with Other Researchers.

Fieldblogger turns your day in the field into a fully mapped, media rich field journal / blog entry on your website. A perfect medium to communicate your science with the public, with clients, grant-makers or donors, collaborate with other researchers, work with students, or manage broader impacts work!

With in-map media galleries, optional discussion and comment boards, and even the option to overlay GIS content, Fieldblogger gives you an unprecedented format for telling your story in a way no other tool offers in one place.

Fieldblogger Pro is a project designed by Bryce Tugwell at the University of Wyoming Biodiversity Institute and developed in conjunction with PortlandLabs Inc.
For information or inquiries please contact Bryce Tugwell at btugwell@uwyo.edu